design serviceOur professional stone, kitchen & interior designer will help you out with your small project, new-home or reno-home design.

Sometimes it may not be easy for you to design, to put things together or visualize how to layout / design your kitchen, how to match the color scheme or what is the best design to remodel your home.
It is supposed to be fun and enjoyable designing your dream kitchen / bath, to remodel your dream home without stress and headaches. Well, our designer will assist and help you with less stress, headache, or hassle.
We think interior design (or designing) is not about just an aesthetics. We care more about how practical, how functional and how useful for our everyday lives besides aesthetics. 


design service2Our service is user-friendly, competitive and relevant to all customers. 
Are you looking for a contractor / renovator for your project?
A well experienced professional EnViro Tec will gladly help you and work for your project.
Please visit: EnViro Tec General Contracting Ltd. Or call 250.213.3891. 


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 Our goal is to create a team effort between ourselves and you to share ideas and formulate solutions. Let us try to put a smile on your face.

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